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Here is a list of pricing-related Japanese words that are frequently used no mater what business you are in. Although there are some words with similar meaning which you can hardly find the difference in usage, take Nedan and Kakaku for instance, it won't be a fatal mistake even if you mix them up to use as even native Japanese speakers also do so. Needles to say, the words with different meanings should never be mixed up.



価格 (かかく) = Kakaku or 値段 (ねだん )= Nedan

Kakaku and Nedan are the same in meaning, but the usages are slightly different. Nedan is basically used in BtoB situations, and Kakaku is basically used in B2C situations. It won't be a fatal mistake even if you mix them up to use. Generally, we use "Nedan" more than "Kakaku" in daily living. Nedan literally means Value and is rather colloquial. Kakaku sounds a bit formal.

For honorific expression, you can say “O-nedan”, but you cannot say “O-kakaku”. It may be because Kakaku sounds already formal…I am not sure.

price a product
製品に値段をつける (せいひん に ねだん を つける)
set a price of a commercial product.
商品の価格を決める (しょうひん の かかく を きめる) 

Price list 
価格表 (かかくひょう) = Kakakun-hyou 
* You cannot call it Nedan-hyou 

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Charge or Fee

料金 (りょうきん) = Ryoukin 
*"-ryou" part is often used for short as in "入場(Nyujou-ryo)" for Admission fee. 

Prices in general

物価 (ぶっか) = Bukka 

Prices have risen by 5% 

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discount the price

値引きする (ねびき する) = Nebiki suru 
割引する (わりびきする) = Waribiki suru 

Nebiki and Waribiki are the same in meaning, but the usages are slightly different. 

a 10% discount 
10%値引き (じゅっぱーせんとねびき) = Juppasent Nebiki 
*The cut-rate is often expressed in percentage. 
Also, ”Ne” part of “Nebiki” is often omitted like “10% Biki ”.
1割引 (いちわりびき) = Ichi Waribiki
*The cut-rate is often expressed in Japanese style as shown below.

10% off the price 
1割引 (いちわりびき) = Ichi-wari-biki 

10% = 1割 (いちわり) = Ichi-wari
20% = 2割 (にわり) = Nie-wari
30% = 3割 (さんわり) = San-wari
40% = 4割 (よんわり) = Yon-wari
50% = 5割 (ごわり) = Go-wari
60% = 6割 (ろくわり) = Roku-wari
70% = 7割 (ななわり) = Nana-wari
80% = 8割 (はちわり) = Hachi-wari
90% = 9割 (きゅうわり) = Kyu-wari 

reduce the price
価格を下げる (かかく を さげる) = Kakaku wo sageru 
*This phrase sounds formal and is often used in business situation.


コスト (こすと) = Kosuto 
*Kosuto is more commonly used in manufacturing industry 

reduce costs 
コストを削減する (こすと を さくげん する) 

Expense or cost

費用 (ひよう) = Hiyou

Company expense

経費 (けいひ) = Keihi 
*Keihi is more commonly used than Expense in business situations

Cost price (* Usually used in manufacturing industry or restaurant industry)

原価 (げんか) = Genka 

Cost price or Purchase price

仕入れ値 (しいれね) = Shiire-ne
仕入れ価格 (しいれかかく) = Shiire-kakaku 
*Shiirene is rather colloquial, but the word is often used even in writing. 

Selling price or Sales price

販売価格 (はんばいかかく) = Hanbai-kakaku 

Retail price

小売価格 (こうりかかく) = Kouri-kakaku

Street price

末端価格 (まったんかかく) = Mattan-kakaku 

Wholesale price

卸売価格 (おろしうりかかく) = Oroshiuri-kakaku 

The price of products sold from manufacturers to wholesaler

卸値 (おろしね) = Oroshi-ne 
* Oroshine is rather colloquial. 

The price of products sold from wholesaler to retailer

仕切値 (しきりね) = Shikiri-ne
仕切り価格 (しきりかかく) = Shikiri-kakaku 

Factory price

工場出し値 (こうじょうだしね) = Koujoudashi-ne

Wholesale price or Trade price

下代(げだい) = Gedai
* This is a jargon mostly used in retail industry. 

Retail price or list price

* This is a jargon especially used in retail industry. 

Ratio of wholesale price to retail price

掛率 (かけりつ) = Kakeritsu 

70% of the retail price is equivalent to the whole price
上代の7掛(70%)が下代です。(じょうだい の なながけ(70%) が げだい です。) 

Suggested retail price

希望小売価格 (きぼうこうりかかく) = Kibou Kouri-kakaku 

Unit price

単価 (たんか) = Tanka 


支払い(しはらい) = Shiharai

Payment in advance
前払い (まえばらい) = Maebarai

Later payment
後払い (あとばらい) = Atobarai 

Billing amount

請求額 (せいきゅうがく) = Seikyu-gaku 

The money, the bill, payment

代金 (だいきん) = Daikin 

Payment is required in advance.
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Cash before delivery (CBD)

代金前払い (だいきんまえばらい) = Daikin Maebarai


請求書(せいきゅうしょ) = Seikyuu-sho 



Quotation or Estimate

見積書 (みつもりしょ) = Mitsumori-sho 

Competitive bids or bidding
Askig several companies for quotations and compare the rate.

相見積り (あいみつもり) = Aimitsumori
* This word is often used as あいみつ (Aimitsu) for short. 
Aimitsu is not so a pleasant thing for companies which are asked for, as the requesting person does that just to compare the prices in most of cases.


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